Web Filtering & Security

The internet is a treasure trove of exciting destinations, however sometimes misadventure to compromised websites can put your business network at risk.

reCIPHER Web Filtering is a comprehensive tool designed to identify risky websites and deny access from your business network. Web Filtering can also be used to reduce or restrict access to social media, shopping, and special interest sites that can often lure staff during business hours and diminish their productivity at work.

reCIPHER Group’s team of security experts will tailor a web access policy specifically designed to suit the individual needs of your business.

Benefits of URL Filtering

Cloud Secure Web Gateway

  Only Secure Web Gateway that can provide 100% protection against Zero-Day Malware and Advanced Threats.

 Analyze and block Malicious Files using Gateway Antimalware, Behavioral Analysis and Cloud Sandbox

 Apply Company Web Access Policy using Content Filtering, per user, department, location, on and off network.

 Block Phishing, C&C Callback, malicious websites and all web-borne Advanced Threats.

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