Penetration Testing

A penetration test or “ethical hack” assesses your network’s ability to defend itself against an attack. During a penetration test, a reCIPHER Group security expert uses the same techniques as those employed by cyber criminals to hack into your network. The results of a penetration test will enable you to identify areas of weakness within your security posture and provide you with the information you need to correct them.

Network testing tailored to your business

Network vulnerability is aligned to the type of data stored within a network and its potential value to a hacker. reCIPHER Group will work with you to design a level of penetration testing that is inline with your risk profile.

We can design a penetration test to address automated attack vectors, opportunistic attack methods, targeted attacks and advanced threats only likely to be deployed by a highly motivated, sophisticated hacker.

Keep ahead of the hackers

Penetration testing allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your network security and keep ahead of the hackers. Know your vulnerabilities before they’re exploited by a cyber criminal.

Safeguard your business today