Patch Management

Keeping all of your Business devices up-to-date is almost a full time job unto itself. Missing just one update could spell disaster. reCIPHER Patch Manager automatically keeps your Microsoft, Apple, Linux and even Third Party Apps up-to-date at all times. 

Patch Management

What is Patch Management?

In a fast-paced world, it is important to stay up-to-date. In the online world, patching must be managed as updates get rolled out without any prior intimations. On one hand, whilst a user might need a few updates to be installed immediately, others may be reserved for the future. In such instances, reCIPHER Patch Management is the perfect solution.  We work with our Clients to ensure your Systems are automatically updated at the frequency and schedule that works for your Business.

Basically, patch management is a strategy for managing updates and patches of Operating Systems, software applications and technologies. When you have different software running in your organisation, it is even more challenging to keep all devices updated.  Focus on your core business and let reCIPHER Group worry about your updates!

Definition of Patch Management

Patch management is the process that helps acquire, test and install multiple patches (code changes) on existing applications on a computer or other device, enabling systems to stay updated on existing patches and determining which patches are the appropriate ones. Managing patches thus becomes less time consuming and easier than ever.

Patch Management is mostly done by software companies as part of their efforts to fix problems and apply critical security updates.  reCIPHER Patch Manager will automatically detect any lack of security features or other upgrades.

Software patches help fix those problems that exist and are noticed only after the software's initial release. Patches mostly concern security while there are some patches that concern the specific functionality of programs as well.

Why reCIPHER Patch Manager?

IT budgeting continues to focus on cost-cutting and time saving measures. With this predominantly being the focus any business, reCIPHER Group uses a number of systems and technologies to automate routine tasks.

Enterprise Patch Management is one such example of an earlier tiresome manual task that can benefit considerably from automation. reCIPHER Patch Manager ensures that all devices remain up-to-date with the latest patch releases from operating system and application software vendors.

reCIPHER Patch Management allows you to:

There’s a lot of software running in your organization, and none of it is flawless. This means a lot of patches from multiple sources get released on an ad hoc basis, Microsoft Patch Tuesday not withstanding. You can’t simply wait to deploy patches when it’s convenient, as leaving those security flaws and major bugs un-patched leaves your business vulnerable. And while managing patches can be complex and tedious, the alternative of getting hit with a security breach is infinitely worse.

reCIPHER Patch Management allows you to:

  • Identify which endpoints contain vulnerabilities and require patching
  • Create policies to automatically apply updates to groups of tagged endpoints at scheduled times
  • Remotely deploy operating system updates for Windows and Linux machines
  • View automated reports with breakdowns of available updates for endpoint machines
Patch Management Software

Key benefits and capabilities

Comprehensive patch sourcing

Our industry-leading patch management system monitors key sources of patch intelligence; including Microsoft, Microsoft Security Bulletin, application vendors, CVE, automated crawler systems and more to identify the updates relevant for your environment.

Automatic system discovery

Provides a real-time view of your network via automatic discovery of all managed endpoints to identify installed and/or missing security patches and detect vulnerabilities.

Prioritisation and scheduling

Prioritise patch deployment based on severity, vendor or type. Automate scheduling for critical updates to be run daily while all others are implemented during regular maintenance windows.

Efficient deployment

Installation can be scheduled by time, computer, group, or user-defined collections of computers. It can be triggered on demand with control over schedules and reboot scenarios, helping to minimise downtime.

Change management

We track and report on all endpoint patch policies, network status changes, applied and/or missing patches and any failed deployment attempts.

Audit and assessment

Every application can be tracked and patched over the network in real time, providing visibility into global patch inventory with sophisticated network status and health reports.


Maintain patch consistency on the schedule you configure to ensure ongoing compliance for the entire enterprise.


Although reCIPHER Group performs extensive and deep testing, we can work with your Business to run your own tests to approve patches either one at a time or in bulk.