Tesserent Portal Defence

Account hijacking is on the increase. Tesserent Portal Defence protects your online information from unauthorised access.

Today’s businesses rely on data being seamlessly available within the company network, via remote access and multiple geo zones. Portal Defence allows you to tailor the level of security based on the user credentials, sensitivity of data being accessed and physical location.

Portal Defence is perfect for protecting access to your intranet and web applications. And it can even provide additional security inside an organisation, ensuring policy based access for highly sensitive internal data such as HR and payroll.

Can anyone masquerade as a user on your web portal?

Account Hijacking ranks on top of the known Attack Vectors.

In its 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon revealing that 63% of data breaches involved weak, default or stolen passwords.

The fact is, if stolen credentials are used, hackers can walk straight through the front door. Once they’re inside, they can inflict significant damage.

Know who is accessing your web portal

By ensuring policy based web access for anyone accessing your website, Portal Defence protects valuable company infrastructure from unauthorised access.

High-speed network connectivity.
Nationwide 10Gbps+ connections.
Best-of-breed carrier agnostic technologies.
Flexibility to grow with your evolving curriculum
Built in VPN for anywhere, anytime access to your network for staff and students.
Highly protected core infrastructure  Built in VPN for anywhere, anytime access to your network for staff and students.
Security over our nationwide infrastructure.
Tier 1 Carrier Grade SLAs.  Unlimited data regardless of direction or time of day.

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