IT Management Services
IT Management platform

Network Implementation

No matter your environment, reCIPHER Group will provide your business with an effortless implementation. We have been designing, installing & upgrading Networks since 2001.

Our dedicated Engineers will guide you through the implementation process, covering everything from enrolling devices to increasing your network Uptime. We will ensure your team members can utilise your network to its full potential.

From the moment you sign up, your highly trained Engineer will be there to make sure your systems are configured perfectly.


reCIPHER Group Clients receive in depth consultations to help your Business understand and utilise the endless capabilities of IT Systems. Our experienced team will be there to assist you with setting up and optimizing your solution so you won't be faced with any avoidable road blocks.

Start Off Right

Optimising your workflow needs to start off right. Your dedicated consultant will analyse your business requirements and network environment, providing you with the optimal configuration.

Become a Guru

Take advantage of your experienced Engineer as well as our 17+ years of documentation and resources. You will learn the in's and out's of your network and business tools. Save time and feel confident when using technology.

Expertise on Demand

reCIPHER Group ensures we have Professionals at your service.  Discuss your Business requirements with your consultant and see why our clients love to work with a reCIPHER Group network.

IT Consulting
Technical Support

Technical Support

Client Benefits

24/7/365 Support

reCIPHER support is available to your business at any time, literally. We will be able to assist you with an Microsoft or Mac device.  For any Networking, WiFi, Server or Cyber Security support, simply give us a call.

All reCIPHER Managed Support clients receive guaranteed IT Support, 24/7.  Rest assured, your Business can focus on it's core Business and not IT....leave that to us!

Industry Solutions

Solutions tailored to Industry requirements

We have been servicing the Medical & Legal Industry in Australia since 2001.  Our tailored solutions are a cost effective and express path to setting up your Medical or Legal practice.

reCIPHER Group supplies and installs Medical Director, Best Practice and Genie for Australian Medical sites.

Legal Offices can be installed with LEAP and InfinityLaw.

As a Microsoft & Google Partner, reCIPHER Group can configure your Business with Microsoft 365 Hosted Email Services or Google for Work. Ensure your Business is secure and using the latest technology automatically with a Cloud solution.

Support Resources

reCIPHER Help Guides & Videos

We don't only fix your problems, we document things that will help your business.  Access the reCIPHER Support resources free with all reCIPHER Managed services.

Custom Scripts & Development

Let us write Scripts to automate your business!

We can run on demand or schedule any Python script on your Business devices.  Tell us what you want to automate, and we will be more than happy to write a script for you.

Save time and schedule tasks at your convenience.
Custom Script Development
Product Customization

ERP Customisation

Enterprise Resource & Planning [ERP] is the best way to ensure all of your Business information is saved within a central, secure & fast platform.

reCIPHER Group has developed an ERP platform tailored to the Retail, Manufacturing & Services industries. reCIPHER Business Information System [BIS] has been developed over 4 years to ensure our Clients receive the benefits and features usually only available to large enterprise.

With modules including Accounts, POS, Project Management, CRM & Warehousing, reCIPHER BIS  has all the features you require, plus more!

Contact us now to and have your business requests brought to life. Start using reCIPHER BIS for as little as $19 per user per month.

Automate your business tasks with full ERP customisation.

IT Help Desk

reCIPHER Group's 24/7 Help Desk gives our Engineers the tools to surpass client expectations and deliver superior service.

We can eliminate the need to hire technical employees, allowing your Business to scale quickly, manage more efficiently, and grow your business without limits.

reCIPHER Group takes over the troubleshooting and maintenance so you and your team can focus on higher level projects. This is all at the fraction of the cost needed to employ and manage in-house IT staff.

Our certified technicians are fully trained to handle the majority of Level 1-4 support requests and are regularly trained and monitored for quality in order to keep performance and efficiency optimal. They are led by experienced managers and team leads that help guarantee the most optimal service and consistency.

IT Help Desk


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