Software Deployment

There's no such thing as one-and-done software.

Software Deployment
Deployment in Software

Software isn't static. You need to get it installed, and then it needs to be managed and periodically updated. Handling all of that manually isn't feasible unless you can dedicate IT resources to focus on just software deployment, which to be honest, simply isn't a good use of IT resources. reCIPHER Group's Software Deployment helps you deploy and manage third-party software automatically, avoiding the need for manual distribution.

reCIPHER Software Deployment enables you to:

  • Deploy and manage third-party software automatically
  • Track application status and usage

Key Benefits and Capabilities of Software Deployment

Automatic distribution and updates

Automatically distribute, update, and manage third-party software to eliminate manual monitoring and having to create installation scripts across different operating systems.

Automated alerts

Allows you to track application status, top deployed applications, and deployments within the last 24 hours.

Task management

Organize and manage software tasks using administrative portals.