reCIPHER Remote Control

reCIPHER Remote Control allows your team members secure access to their devices from anywhere, anytime. Now supporting Microsoft & Mac!

Remote Access and Control

One of the benefits of the cloud and mobility is that computing can be done from anywhere. Just as the users need to access network resources remotely, you need to be able to access and manage devices remotely. reCIPHER Remote Control lets you do just that.

reCIPHER Remote Control brings the following to your Business:

  • Connect to your work PC or Mac remotely, securely & easily!o the network remotely
  • Easily connect to your Office PC from a Remote PC or even MAC!
  • Access files located on devices or servers within your Business Network
  • Get faster access to files for more efficient business response
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Key Benefits & Capabilities of Remote Access and Control

Auto-adjusting views

Visuals adjust for the best representation, whether you're using a high-bandwidth LAN or a low-bandwidth mobile connection, enabling you to get the best quality connection automatically.

Shortcut keys

Support for major shortcut keys keeps you fast and efficient.

Multiple monitors

The powerful interface allows you to see every screen on the remote endpoint with no configuration required.

Real-time latency stats

Get details about connection strength and its implications during the remote control session.