IT Automation Library & Scripting

reCIPHER Group can Automate the repetitive IT tasks so you can focus on what really matters.

IT Automation Library

Like any job, IT includes a lot of tasks that, while important, are repetitive and tedious. Automating those tasks frees you up to focus on other activities that require more expertise and ingenuity, such as planning and problem-solving. reCIPHER Group’s IT Automation Library and Scripting platform provides an automation engine that enables us to better manage and control your IT operations and processes.

reCIPHER IT Automation Library and Scripting allows us to:

  • Access a large library of scripts so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel
  • Create your own custom monitoring and recovery functions
  • Ask reCIPHER Group to write a script you need for a specific issue
It Automation Tool

Key benefits and capabilities

Audit and inventory

Discover and track every system and software detail simply, efficiently, and reliably so you can easily audit and inventory your IT infrastructure regularly with a consistent methodology.

Network discovery

Deploy automated discovery and alerts for complete visibility into the machines operating in your IT infrastructure.

Software installation and patch management

Automate software installation and patching to increase operational efficiency.

Policy-based management

Automatically identify and remediate out-of-policy machines based on user roles, and report on compliance.

Automated baseline audits

Automatically remediate Service Desk tickets for proactive support to meet SLAs.

Backup and disaster recovery

Protect against lost data by installing automated rules to backup key data and ensure it can be retrieved when needed.

Automation scaling

Easily apply a policy to multiple devices or customer sites without having to build different policies for different customers.

Ease of use

Just drag and drop the tasks you want to perform, then save and run.

Automation exchange

Share expertise and buy and/or sell automation scripts among the community of ITarian customers.