Cloud-based Monitoring

There's your IT infrastructure. Then there's the infrastructure you need to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure.

Cloud Monitoring

Your IT environment is a true ecosystem with a wide range of servers, endpoints, applications, databases, security tools, and more. It's constantly changing with users coming and going, updates and patches, configuration and tuning, and so on. Having a tool-kit that enables you to manage all that complexity—without adding to it—is critical. reCIPHER Group's Cloud-based Monitoring delivers a comprehensive platform that automates IT administration to improve efficiencies—and it's completely free.

reCIPHER Cloud-based Monitoring offers:

  • A complete tool-kit of Enterprise-grade IT monitoring and administration tools
  • Easy deployment, streamlined work-flows & scalability
  • Instant reduction of IT management costs
Cloud Based IT Monitoring

Key Benefits & Capabilities of Cloud-Based IT Monitoring

Full-stack monitoring as a service

Manage, optimize, and troubleshoot at every layer—from cloud infrastructure to the end-user experience—and save costs and time via remote support and automation of routine processes.

Powerful SaaS solution

Solve complex performance and reliability problems, improve efficiencies, and reduce manual processes.

Easy scalability

reCIPHER Dashboard is a centralised IT platform that's easy to use and scales with your business.